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The Cards
Series 1

Series 1

     So many cards, so little time...At first ALL these cards can be confusing. Don't worry, it is really pretty it is starting to get confusing. This page covers the what I call the Series 1 cards. These are the first cards that we were able to start collecting and playing with.

     The cards and preconstructed decks listed on this page may not be available any more except through card dealers or auction web sites. But never fear, Series 2 is basically the same Pokémon but with some minor differences.

     If you are just starting out you may want to start with the Series 2 page.

Collect or Play
The Cards
How Cards Are Packaged
Player Levels, The Card Deck

Card Chart
Card Map
Fake Pokémon Cards

Collect or Play

     You can just collect these cards and put them away, look at them once in a while and hope they are worth something years later. Or you can actually PLAY with these cards!

     I recommend playing with the cards and enjoying the game. The only cards I would recommend saving are any "First Edition" cards and maybe some of the holographic cards. More later on collecting.

The Cards

     The complete set of Pokémon Trading Cards contains 228 individual cards. All the cards have a Rarity Symbol located on the lower right. The cards with a Star are Rare and harder to find. There are 47 holographic foil cards that are Rare and hard to find. The cards with a Diamond are Uncommon and easier to find. The cards with a Circle are Common and the easiest to find.

     These cards are broke down into 3 card sets:

Base Set
102 cards, 16 are holographic.
Jungle Set
64 cards, 16 are holographic.
Fossil Set
62 cards, 15 are holographic.

     Within these sets are 4 types of cards:

Basic Pokémon Cards
These are your main cards. These are your Pokémon in there basic form. They do all the fighting for you.
Evolution Cards
Some Pokémon can evolve into bigger, better Pokémon. That's what these cards do. Even some evolved Pokémon can evolve again.
Trainer Cards
These cards are great! They can really help you win your battles. Some cards let you remove damage from a damaged Pokémon.
Energy Cards
These cards give your Pokémon the power they need to battle. There are several types of energy - Fighting, Fire, Grass, Lightning, Psychic, and Water.

How Cards Are Packaged

Player Levels, The Card Deck

     The way the cards are packaged and the player levels seem to go hand in hand. The player levels and packaging are as follows:

Starter Level
There is only one item on this level, the 2 Player Starter Set (see Card Chart below).
Advanced Level
The items on this level are the Preconstructed Theme Decks. Currently there are 8 Theme Decks (see Card Chart below).
Expert Level
The only item on this level is the Booster Packs. These packs contain random cards to collect and to build your own deck to battle with (see Card Chart below).

     For game play, each player has a deck of 60 cards (except for the 2 Player Starter Set). Out of each deck you can not have more than 4 of any one card other than energy cards. To make things easy you can buy Preconstructed Theme Decks. The way these Theme Decks are put together they will teach you Pokémon strategies and deckbuilding. It is also a good way to start your collection.

Repeat Cards

     Remember the sports, Star Wars, King Kong trading cards? You could buy 10 packs and half would be repeats. I always hated that and quit buying those things. With the Pokémon Trading Card Game you WANT repeats! This is a GOOD THING! So don't get discouraged if you do have repeat cards. Consider this, if you build your own deck you want about 25 to 30 energy cards. You NEED repeats.

Card Chart Starter Level Advanced Level Expert Level
Starter Sets Preconstructed Theme Decks Booster Packs
The Pokémon Trading Card Game

The complete card set contains 228 individual cards by my count.

Pokémon Base Set

Contains 102 individual cards.

Pokémon Starter Set

Base Set Theme Decks





Basic Booster Pack
Pokémon Jungle Set
Jungle Pokémon

Contains 64 individual cards.

Jungle Theme Decks

Water Blast

Power Reserve

Jungle Booster Pack
Pokémon Fossil Set
Fossil Pokémon

Contains 62 individual cards.

Fossil Theme Decks


Lock Down

Fossil Booster Pack
NOTE: The Pokémon Movie cards are not included in this chart

Card Map

     This section is mostly pictures. Please click here to view the different cards and how to read them.


     First, I am not a collector and I know nothing about the value of any kind of trading cards nor do I know exactly which ones are really worth something. So, the following is what I am doing with my cards. I am open to any suggestions however. Just contact me.

     Having one of each card in MINT CONDITION would be the ultimate goal, but I am not that patient. I am keeping my holographic cards out of game play. The 1st repeat holographic card I will put in game play, the 2nd I will trade with. I will keep each Theme Deck as is unless I improve on it. Any additional cards I will use at least 4 of the same card for game play (since you can only have 4 of the same in your deck), the 5th one I will keep with the holographic cards and the rest I will trade with.

     That is what I am personally doing until better suggestions come along.

Fake Pokémon Cards

     Counterfeit Pokémon Cards. What people will do for money. My son has come home with a few of these. Our local newspaper even had a big article on this.

     Where do these cards come from? Criminals. I have heard you can get these at gas stations, swap meets, garage sales, and children trading them at school.

     When you purchase Pokémon Trading Cards look for these official symbols:

Look for these seals

     Also, make sure the packages are sealed. The booster packs come in illustrated foil wrappers. You can even ask the store if they can verify the dealer they bought the cards from.

     Here are some other things to spot a fake card:

  • Packs not in foil wrappers.
  • Inferior paper. Lower quality paper makes cards slightly translucent and easy to crease.
  • Incorrect size and thickness of the cards. All Pokémon Trading Cards are uniform.
  • Blurry printing and wrong colors.
  • Improper information and colors for the Pokémon.
  • Improper copyright information for Nintendo.

     If you are not sure if you have fakes many collector shops can tell you or you can contact Wizards of the Coast (see links page).

     I hope this information has helped you. I am striving to keep it as brief and simple as possible. I hope you enjoy the game as much as my family does. Have Fun!

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